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(Frequently asked questions)

What Is BeatJumper?

BeatJumper is a company built off of a team of creatives who strive to push new content forward.


We create instrumental music to help artists who are new, already in the scene, or striving in their music career. We know it is hard to find beats that are of consistent quality and affordable, so we are here to help.

How does this work?

There are two options for acquiring music to get started, Beat Packs or Subscription.


A monthly subscription makes you a diamond member which is the best value. You get access to all of our beats for one monthly flat price Here.


You can also download individual beats on our Beat Packs page.

When do I get billed?

You will be billed every month from date of purchase on the subscription plan only.

Do I own the beats I download?

All beats are for lease only, if you want exclusive rights please contact us at Management@BeatJumperRecords.comOr by the contact form.

How do I submit my own music?

Head over to the Demo page! 

Where are the beats after I sign up?

After you become a Diamond Member, refresh the page, and head over to the "Diamond Member" tab!

How often do I get beats?

New beats will be added every season.

Can I share the beats with my friends?

You may have anyone you like feature on your track, but the lease is intended for the license holder.

Can I preview the music before purchase?

Yes. Head over to the Beat Packs page and listen to all of our tracks.

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